The Future

Energy Ball being thrown by pitcher

In addition to training and development, iCASE will assess and evaluate the future potential of its student-athletes, and help them set and achieve realistic goals based on their projected physical maturation, their ability to implement mechanical corrections in their skill sets, and their dedication and desire.

As Rev. Jesse Jackson once stated, “It is not aptitude, but attitude, that will determine your altitude.”

Those iCASE student-athletes with the potential to advance to higher levels will be thoroughly educated in how college scholarships actually work, how to apply for college scholarships, when and how to take the SAT tests, how the Major League draft process works, what scouts look for, where agents may or may not come into play, and other elements related to high performance baseball.


  1. Just wondering what the total program cost of iCASE is . Im talking about tuition, scholoing, recruiting, coaching, tech, and billetts. Overall what would it be?