Stratford Northwestern Secondary School

Stratford Northwestern Secondary School

For a community to be a special place to live, it needs to be filled with diversity. There needs to be a culture of acceptance and opportunities for all to shine and to achieve. Time must be taken to celebrate this diversity, celebrate the individual and the group successes as they occur.

Stratford Northwestern Secondary School is a full serve school. The staff takes great pride in serving all of our students and preparing students in all four pathways of education; apprenticeship, university, college and the workplace. Our staff also values and is committed to offering school-based activities beyond the classroom. Programs involving drama, music and athletics are of the highest quality at Northwestern and frequently are recognized beyond the Avon Maitland District School Board at the Provincial and National levels. Stratford Northwestern is also proud to be the host school to the International Canadian Academy of Baseball, launching in September 2013.

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  1. Is there a tuition fee

    • If you live in Ontario, there is no tuition fee per se, but there is still the iCASE fee. If you live in Canada outside of Ontario, or out of Canada, then yes, because you are not a tay-paying resident of Ontario, then you are also required to pay a tuition fee to attend Stratford Northwestern Secondary School. Send me an email directly if you like, info@icasebaseball, or call me 519-703-4088. Thanks, Tom Valcke.

  2. Helen Wandera says:

    my son is in grade 6 this year and would like him to join a baseball academy. Do you have another academy which takes middle classes?

    • Hi

      Thanks for your note. Unfortunately, iCASE is currently structured for 11th and 12th grade student-athletes, as we feel it is best that younger players reside with their families while attending school until that time. We are open to hearing cases for 9th and 10th graders citing special circumstances, advanced maturity, etc., and will consider them on a case-by-case basis. We hope that when your son reaches high school, that we will still be on your radar!

  3. Cameron Mcdougall says:

    The school has a home stay program where you stay with a local family.

  4. Colton Stewart says:

    does the school have dorms for the students or any type of housing or do we have to move to stratford