NY Yankees coach Rob Thomson drops into iCASE

UPLOAD - Rob Thomson talks to iCASE student-athletes

Yankees coach Rob Thomson educates iCASE student-athletes

Stratford, ON – The iCASE players found another gear in practice when New York Yankees coach Rob Thomson dropped in to give them a little push to get them through the winter doldrums. Thomson, who calls Stratford home in the off-season, spent almost an hour in a Q & A format, giving the players insight into the world of the Yankees. The five-time World Series champion then watched batting practice and offered feedback to the players.

“Rob is a first class guy, a Canadian icon in the baseball industry, and the conviction he has in his delivery is inspiring,” said iCASE field manager/GM Tom Valcke.

“For anyone, nevermind a Canadian, to survive 20 years in the Yankees organization is beyond impressive. There is a line a mile long of people who would give anything for his job – he is as legit as they come. You can’t fake it for two decades, he is the real deal.”

Thomson emphasized to the iCASE players how repetition of perfect mechanics is the key to success, and how championships are won in front of nobody.

UPLOAD - Colton Gill sports Rob Thomson's World Series ring“Our coach gives us the same message, but when we heard first-hand how players like Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera became great and stay great, well, all we can do is try to follow their lead,” said Mississauga native Colton Gill.




UPLOAD - Rob Thomson and Yanik Leroux“I have never seen a World Series ring in person before, and to be able to get answers from a guy who has five of them is pretty special,” added Ottawa’s Yanik Leroux.






UPLOAD - Rob Thomson and Cam McDougall“I definitely buy what he is selling, because he has one of the toughest job in sports, and maintaining his job as the Yankees third base coach is no different than a player doing what it takes to stay in the big leagues,” commented Thunder Bay’s Cam McDougall.



UPLOAD - Rob Thomson and Ricardo Suarez


“The Yankees have always been my favourite team, and I wear uniform number 25 because of the Yankees’ Mark Teixiera. We all dream of making it to the Major Leagues, and to be coached today by a Yankees coach was a big thrill,” said Mexico City’s Ricardo Suarez.