iCASE Indoor Training Facility

Book by calling 519-703-4088 or by emailing info@icasebaseball.com


  1. Henry Zaczek says:

    There is saying about great people that goes something like this. He will have some Big Shoes to Fill. It looks like Tom Valke has chosen to wear those Big Shoes once again in a new yet familiar baseball capacity. Judging from the baseball cap over training facility’s door, it looks like he wants the youngsters to fill a big cap too. 🙂

    Congratulations Tom with your training facility! You are a fantastic role model for our young baseball athletes and I truly believe that any aspiring ball player who loves the game as much as you do will have a big head start once they join your facility. I have full confidence that many of your students will one day see their field of dreams come true. Thank you for your continued dedication to the best game in the world. All the best.