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iCASE Informational Brochure

Download the iCASE Informational Brochure … [Read more...]

How to Apply

Application Procedure Notify iCASE of your intention to apply: Select the Application Package to open an online fillable form, complete and email or print the form. Note: If … [Read more...]

What is iCASE

iCASE stands for the International Canadian Academy of Sports Excellence A place where training is part of the daily curriculum. This allows our student-athletes to lead a more balanced life and … [Read more...]

Who is iCASE

Tom Valcke Field Manager and GM Tom Valcke launched the International Canadian Academy of Sports Excellence in 2012. Tom is known throughout the world for his baseball knowledge and coaching … [Read more...]


Stratford Northwestern Secondary School For a community to be a special place to live, it needs to be filled with diversity. There needs to be a culture of acceptance and opportunities for all to … [Read more...]

The City

The City of Stratford Located in one of the most popular regions in Canada, the Avon Maitland District is situated in Southwestern Ontario. The District borders Lake Huron in the west, (beautiful … [Read more...]

The Future

In addition to training and development, iCASE will assess and evaluate the future potential of its student-athletes, and help them set and achieve realistic goals based on their projected physical … [Read more...]

Unique About iCASE

What is Unique about the iCASE Baseball Academy? The iCASE Baseball Academy is a College Prep program for high school students that is already very popular not only coast-to-coast in Canada, but … [Read more...]